What will green transportation look like in 2050, when the world is overpopulated and families look for alternative solutions for living space and transportation? A project sponsored by GM Europe Design Centre Adam Opel GmbH, for the Umea Institute of Design, recently set out to explore the possibilities. The result: the Opel Icona Concept Car, an electric, zero emissions vehicle capable of travel over land or water.

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Icona designer Juan Pablo Bernal P. had this vision of the year 2050 in mind when he designed the car: “The fast growth of the population and the deteriorating state of the environment are pushing societies to consider other places and other ways to live. The car takes this into consideration, as it is an electric mode of transport that uses natural sources of energy to perform on both land and water.”

We’re not sure if sticking a sail on an electric rally car is a plan that’s ready to hit the road just yet, but the Icona has another 40 years to work out the kinks. All we know is, commuting in 2050 looks like fun!

+ Opel

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