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Mayor Bloomberg has gone on a crusade to wean New Yorkers off calorie-filled soda, but it seems the rest of the country is voluntarily snubbing the sugary stuff. Soda was once the most popular drink in the United States but it has recently fallen from grace, and now many soda drinkers are making the switch to bottled water. Although this doesn’t solve the issue of plastic bottle waste, water’s rise over soda shows that a sizable section of America is striding towards a healthier future.

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Thanks to Mayor Bloomberg, New York State ruled for a 16 ounce limit for the sale of soda in most public venues like movie theaters and sports stadiums, which was part of an effort to fight obesity. Though the ruling was recently halted, the motions by NYC come in tandem with a decline of high-sugar drinks around the country.

Soda was the number one beverage sold for nearly twenty years according to the Beverage Digest, with each American consuming an average of 54 gallons of soda per year themselves back in 1998. But fifteen years later, that average has fallen from 54 to 44 gallons, a significant drop in a short amount of time.

The sale of bottled water has shot up significantly over the last few years, suggesting that Americans are in fact listening to the warnings of obesity, and attempting to change their diets to help combat unnecessary caloric intake.

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