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Antonin Fourneau worked for weeks in residence at Digitalarti Artlab to create the Water Light Graffiti project. The wall is made up of thousands of LED lights that were engineered to turn on when water hit them. Anything that is wet, your finger, spray bottle, brush, or water atomizer can be used to “paint” the surface. Artists can draw pictures, abstract shapes and words with a result that is glowing, ephemeral and temporary.

Fourneau was aided by Digitalarti Artlab team, Painthouse, a graffiti collective, invited for demonstrations, with engineering by Jordan McRae, design by Guillaume Stagnaro and other assistance from Clement Ducerf and Jason Cook. The art installation was set up in Poitiers, France from July 22nd to the 24th and passersby were encouraged to paint on the wall. Graffiti demonstrations were also performed to the delight of adults and children alike. Fourneau describes the project as “a wall for ephemeral messages in the urban space without deterioration. A wall to communicate and share magically in the city.”

Images ©Digitalarti Artlab