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The "House in the Clouds" in Thorpeness, Suffolk, England is an old water tower converted into a home and later a bed & breakfast, water tower house, adaptive reuse, industrial conversion space, water tower home, house in the clouds, sky-high house, Thorpeness, Suffolk, England, bed and breakfast, bed & breakfast, green design, eco design, green building,

When the tower was first being built, Thorpeness residents were worried about introducing an eyesore upon their unspoiled landscape. So their design solution? Disguise it as a sky-high cottage! Problem solved… well, for a while.

Eventually the water tower outlived its usefulness and was left to its own devices, abandoned to a fate like so many outdated buildings. But just its luck, it had already become such an architectural fixture in the area that someone bought it up and outfitted it with windows, stairs and all the modern conveniences. Now it sits happily 70 feet tall as a five bedroom, three bathroom bed and breakfast. Talk about adaptive re-use!

If you’d like to see its amazing panoramic views first hand, the daily rate is a mere $900, with weekly rentals running $3,800!

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