While some states are already starting to get cozy for cooler fall days, the folks up in Northern California will still be sitting pretty during September, which happens to be the Bay Area’s summer month! With warm and sunny days filling out their calendar, it’s only fitting that the community driven event, Water Works, has been scheduled to happen over September’s weekends. Starting this Saturday, local artist and designers will gather in an Oakland backyard to discuss water issues and show off some of their very own creations, including, as seen above, the Raintree by artist Christina Bertea, a rainwater collection tree that doubles as a clothesline in the summer. Read ahead to learn more about this fantastic event and to gander at a few more glorious projects!

Betsy Damon, Christina Bertea, Lauren Elder, Mary White, Nik Bertulis, Water Works, san francisco, bay area

A number of incredible projects will be on display, boasting a colorful collection of truly practical and environmentally friendly pieces. For example, the Raintree has been made from recycled wood and old convention banners, and can capture three 65-gallon barrels worth of water during the rainy season, while Caracas (pictured above) has been constructed from recycled dishpans turned into vertical planters. But the real fun lies in the splash-park setup just for the kids to frolic in. And don’t think the young have all the fun, an array of lectures and workshops will be available for grown-up attendees to learn about greywater action or simply be enlightened by the words of artist Betsy Damon and designer Nik Bertulis, amongst others.

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