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Watersquare Benthemplein brings a cool oasis to Rotterdam locals amidst an otherwise dense urban environment. The square is centered around a multi-use sports field, which can be used for soccer, basketball, street hockey, and other activities. Surrounded by gradated layers of stadium-style bleachers, the square can host both competitive and leisure sports. To activate all interests in the community, the space can also double as an outdoor theater, or be used as play space for community children.

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In addition to providing facilities for sports and other activities, the square also features lush, green areas for meeting, lounging, or having lunch. Long grasses, trees and flowers bloom throughout the space, creating a relaxing and private area that both locals and visitors can enjoy. Each is fed by a built in self irrigating water system. Running alongside the length of each side of the square are large basins that recess in the ground like wading pools. Whenever it rains, the basins collect water, while a third collects overflow during heavy rain. The rain is diverted through steel gutters that run along the square in patterns.

The watersquare redefines public space and complements the surrounding architecture, while also providing a self-sustaining green space for the community.

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