If WATG has their way, the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro will be the greenest yet – thanks to their awesome design proposal entitled The Cloud Bridge. Inspired by the Amazon River and Brazil’s extraordinary cultural and ecological heritage, the bridge surrounds the Carioca Plaza, where the Olympic celebrations and ceremonies would be staged, and consists of colorful tree-like structures that not only provide shade but also collect rainwater.

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The remainder of the 2016 Olympic site will include mountain forest habitats which consist of a variety of indigenous flora that celebrate the Mata Atlântica. These will resemble the topography of Rio de Janeiro and will also feature interpretive displays and reference points that will guide visitors navigating the complex. The idea is to create a program that will instill pride in the Brazillian people – not only in their athletic accomplishments, but in their wonderful cultural and ecological heritage as well.


Via World Architecture News