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WATG’s Mosaic modules open up an array of possibilities for potential clients, letting them install the versatile unit virtually anywhere. Rather than a rectangular shape that trends in many pre-fab modules, WATG’s  Mosaic PATHWAY is a gorgeous, geometric prism. The architects envision the organic shape to enliven any landscape or vista in which it is placed, appearing like a natural crystal on a hilltop, or contrasting the thick concrete in the middle of a city or on a roof of a tall building.  The module was created to benefit governments, developers, entrepreneurs, hoteliers, private organizations and charitable aid societies; giving them a unique, beautiful and structurally sounds tool to raise shelters in little time.

Mosaic can be used for leisure – as a vacation home or grouped to form a pop-up hotel. The interiors are flexible, allowing the modules to also be used for unique spas, salons or other luxury services. Mosaic was also created to provide a quick and easy pop up solution for disaster situations. The prisms can be used for emergency housing and first aid and modules can also be hooked together, or attached to a main Mosaic hub.

Themodules are pre-fitted with built-in fixtures and furniture, and have self-contained plumbing, lighting and energy systems. Once installed, Mosaic has a self-leveling foundation to ensure sturdiness and durability.

Mosaic has won the Grand Prize in the Competition for Radical Innovation in Hospitality for its hotel module, but the mixed-use units can be used for so much more.

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