We’ve been following Liquid Robotics’ solar and wave-powered robot here at Inhabitat for some time as it’s gone from tracking great white sharks and hurricanes to making a record-breaking trip across the Pacific. And now, the company just announced a new surfboard-sized robot called the SV3 that opens up a whole new world of ocean exploration.

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The SV3 is a hybrid wave and solar-powered robot that can be used to collect an endless amount of ocean data.  It can be used to study fish populations, ocean acidification, provide tsunami warnings, and more – and all the data it collects is sent back to shore in real-time. The robot can travel in pretty much any condition you can imagine – tsunami, hurricane, cloudy days, flat water – for thousands and thousands of miles.

According to Liquid Robotics CEO Bill Vass, “the SV3 is a tremendous step forward in terms of what we can accomplish in the ocean and gives customers a competitive advantage to capture data in the most challenging ocean conditions. By providing the ability to deploy Wave Gliders across most of the planet and deliver ocean data in a new and cost-effective way, we’re enabling broad access to affordable ocean exploration.”

The SV3 is a leap forward in that it incorporates wave and solar power (so researchers never have to worry about losing a power source), and it can move faster than the SV2. It also has a smarter computer onboard, so researchers have more control over the information they gather. The little robot stands to open up exciting new unmanned ocean exploration opportunities.

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