Excitement is amping up as Shanghai prepares for the 2010 World Expo by unfurling stunning feats of architecture ranging from supermassive sun valleys to epic energy-efficient pavilions. Keeping step with the other impressive structures on display, Naço Architectures has unveiled a shimmering solar powered pavilion wrapped in an illuminated wave of LED lights.

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Naço Architectures describes its 2000 square meter Monaco Pavilion as “a rock surrounded by the dancing light of a perfect sea”. Taking its cue from the waters of the Mediterranean, the entire building is wrapped in an undulating high-tech facade that projects ripples of LED light across its face. The project is designed to soak up solar energy throughout the day and then burst into light as soon as the sun sets.

The Shanghai 2010 Expo is set to kick off on May 1st and will draw millions of people to explore innovative feats of architecture focused around this year’s theme of “Better city, better life”. Construction on many of the pavilions has yet to be completed, so we’ll keep you updated as the spectacle unfolds.

+ Naço Architectures

Via Designboom