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The Eindhoven-based designers create unusual, conceptual carpets that build bridges between design and art. Crayons, fireworks, cocktail umbrellas, plastic forks and dried pasta are all incorporated into the design trio’s colorful designs. While from a distance we simply see a decorative carpet, upon closer inspection the meticulously arranged collections of objects slowly reveal themselves.

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The carpets could be considered a form of contemporary archaeology, with their unusual designs representing traditional carpets, but utilizing 21st century materials. The re-evaluation of an age-old craft in combination with present-day techniques makes a surprising, eye-catching decoration with infinite possibilities, shapes and colors.

We Make Carpets is celebrating five years of non-traditional weaving by exhibiting 50 different carpets at Eindhoven Strijp S’ Mu. If you are around for the bustling Dutch Design Week from 18 to 26 October, 2014, you surely won’t want to miss them!

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Photos by We Make Carpets