Is there a need for bottled water? On Thursday, we questioned whether Fiji’s eco-friendly efforts were really that green. And it seems that the folks at the London Design Festival were thinking about the bottled water controversy as well. At the Greengaged best practice case studies earlier this month at the London Design Festival, Joshua Blackburn presented a pro-tap water campaign developed by communication design agency, Provokateur. With a desire to bring about positive changes in consumer behavior, WeWantTap is both a campaign and product line. The campaign is simple, though the ambition is big, as Joshua explained: “We want to develop an initiative to take on the bottled water industry.”

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“Bottled water has no ground to stand upon”, Joshua explained “Its expensive, it generates waste …and 80% of people we tested could not tell the difference between bottled water or tap.” Explaining that people are buying a brand, not the water itself, Joshua and the Provokateur team are “Giving tap water a facelift”. “In these richer times, sustainability is the smarter way to do things,” Joshua concluded. In addition to the marketing campaign, the company is making “Tap” labels available to place on your old bottles.


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