If I could be anywhere tomorrow, I’d be at Yale University for the Wearing Social Change conference. From April 5-7, leaders in the apparel and sustainability industry will come together with participants to discuss the growing influence of sustainability on fashion, and how the fashion industry is responding to new conditions and demands.

What we wear speaks volumes about the lifestyle we embrace and the values we embody…From organic cotton to local factories, the apparel industry is witnessing an increasing awareness of the potential for sustainability at all levels of production. Yet is sustainable clothing merely a trend or the future of fashion? What role does apparel play in the movement toward a more sustainable future?

Speakers will include our friend Serge de Gheldere, Vanessa Margolis of Nike Considered, and others.

If you can’t be there, recordings of the event will be available courtesy of the crew at Vestal Design.

+ Wearing Social Change
+ Thanks, Jeff!