What would you do if all your most cherished possessions suddenly went up in smoke? That’s the situation facing dozens of families in Weed, California right now as a fast-moving wildfire destroyed about 150 buildings in the Northern California logging town on Monday. According to the LA Times, the 375-acre wildfire was relatively small in the scope of the massive wildfires that have burned through California this year. Yet it was able to wreak significant damage in a short period of time, burning down two churches, a library and a community organization that aided the poor. The town also lost machinery at its plywood mill – putting many out of work.

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Adding to the story of personal loss were the vast tracts of houses and cars burnt to the ground. According to the Huffington Post, Weed resident Kate Stonecypher retained nothing but the clothes she was wearing after her house burned in the blaze. “It’s hard to deal with all at once, when you come here and see all this charred black stuff” Stonecypher told the Huffington Post. “In my head, I still see my couch in and the living room floor. I just posted pictures of my girls just the other day playing blocks on the floor and watching ‘Frozen.’”

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Unbelievably, no one was killed or even seriously hurt in the fire and according to the LA Times, things have already gone somewhat back to normal. The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection said the Boles fire that burned the town was 25 percent contained, and fear of potentially stronger winds on Wednesday kept firefighters busy working on it.

Via LA Times, Huffington Post

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