And now, for the week in green technology from Earth2Tech!

Will electric car company Tesla Motors see a powerhouse IPO when it debuts on the public markets next week or find itself as road kill?

For the latest episode of GigaOM TV’s Green Overdrive, we test drive Brammo’s all-electric motorcycle the Enertia. Rad and super fun to drive!

Biofuel maker Amyris linked up with French oil giant Total this week, and also disclosed that it raised a bunch more funding. The company doesn’t plan to start producing its synthetic organism-based biofuel at commercial scale until 2011.

Google is helping to build an experimental smart grid network in the Sierras of Northern California using “white space,” which is the spectrum vacated by the switch from analog televisions to digital. It’s the first of its kind in the U.S.

There‚Äôs a gold rush mentality right now when it comes to building data centers in Iceland, according to execs of the companies that have been moving into that market. It’s partly because the country can offer 100 percent clean power for web services.