From the quirky designer who brought us the Knit Chair comes another eco-friendly furniture gem.

Weidmann Creative, the material manufacturing company producing environmentally friendly fiber-board Maplex, commissioned industrial designers Emiliano Godoy, and Erika Hanson to design a line of innovative products around their material. The two designers worked together to create this simple, yet classy chair, and both have designed separate individual objects for the Weidmann collection as well.

Weidmann has been quietly producing this cellulose fiber-board for electrical insulation since 1877. After sitting in the shadows for far too long, some PR person at Weidmann must have decided it was high-time for the world to recognize the enormous potential of Maplex. And its about time! Everything that has come out of this Weidmann-sponsored furniture collection has been stunning. The Weidmann Chair (left), Godoy’s Maplex Bowl (below) and Erika Hanson’s Objects For Walls all show off the fabulous possibilities of this great new material.


+ Emiliano Godoy
+ Erika Hanson
+ Maplex