These scaly public restrooms in New Zealand look like giant sea monsters, but their form actually follows function, as the shape of the tail promotes natural ventilation. When commissioned to design a couple of public toilets for Synergy Plaza in Wellington’s Kumutoto Precinct, Studio Pacific sought to create iconic, sculptural structures that pay homage to the region’s maritime history. Also, given their grand and irregular form, they are easy for pedestrians to spot throughout the waterfront.

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Wellington has had its fair share of earthquakes, so it was equally important to ensure that the toilets are structurally sound as it was to guarantee their cleanliness and security. Constructed with a concrete base (that might justifiably seem to many a waste of materials) and clad with a system of red-brick metal scales or rain screens, these toilets are definitely stout.

There is one toilet in the belly of each monster, although the second toilet also has a cleaning facility that is carefully maintained. And the peep holes at the tail-end of the toilets? Those are there to promote natural ventilation. Honestly, this isn’t the greenest project we have featured on Inhabitat, and we know that, but we definitely have to give the designers kudos for originality!

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