Hopefully, deodorant is a daily part of your life. You use it after a shower, you buy more when you run out, but you probably don’t think about deodorant much. Well, it’s time to start. Most deodorant comes in a plastic tube with a plastic top, both of which eventually get tossed in the trash. Every time you go through another tube of deodorant, you add to the plastic waste problem that experts predict will soon overwhelm the world. But now you have a new, eco-friendly option: Wellow deodorant.

four tubes of deodorant in the colors beige, gray, blue and orange arranged around a leafy green plant on top of a wood palette.

How is Wellow different from other deodorants? This one creates no waste. Wellow contains no plastics, no toxins and no reason to feel guilty. The product’s paper tube uses 95% recycled post-consumer paper, making it biodegradable. In fact, the tube will completely biodegrade in less than three months. Even the print on each tube uses an eco-friendly plant-based ink.

a white tube of deodorant against a blue background, surrounded by shredded coconut, mint leaves, activated charcoal powder, cucumber slices, nuts and a metal container of green liquid.

This deodorant’s natural formula includes quality ingredients designed to be just as effective as mainstream deodorants. Hand-poured into every paper tube, Wellow deodorant contains no aluminum, sulfates, parabens, or similar harmful chemicals. Additionally, this cruelty-free formula isn’t tested on animals.

a person holding the top of a deodorant tube in one hand and the tube itself in the other hand. the tube is raised to the person's nose.

If you’re an eco-conscious consumer, you may have tried so-called Earth-friendly deodorants in the past and felt disappointed. Thankfully, Wellow protects both the environment and your armpits. Specially designed to not clog pores, the highly concentrated formula provides up to 24 hours of protection against sweat and odor.

a hand holding a blue tube of deodorant.

Interested buyers can find Wellow in four styles: activated charcoal, coconut and vanilla, bergamot and citrus and fragrance-free. Made with ingredients such as coconut oil, arrowroot powder, shea butter, almond oil and beeswax, Wellow keeps its formula natural.

a hand passing a blue tube of deodorant to another hand.

Already tested by hundreds of wearers, this new product’s ongoing Kickstarter seeks funds to get this product on the market. Soon, Wellow may change the way people look at deodorant; hopefully, it will change the way people dispose of their deodorant, too.

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