Swedish designer and artist Cecila Wendin has developed her interest in old bits of textiles, buttons, and yarn into her own business. Under the name of Wendinskan she creates one-of-a-kind throw pillows and lamp shades that boast a modern craft aesthetic.

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Wendin has had a special relation to old textiles for as long as she can remember, and over the years she has amassed quite a collection. She used to poke around auctions, flea markets and other sales without a proper plan, guided by her love of finding new pieces.

When Wendin had her first child she made use of her quite unique collection and took up sewing, something she practiced a bit during her childhood years. In doing so she explains that she found herself and her family roots, in addition to a proud women’s tradition, which she wanted to re-introduce into the 21st century. When practicing the handicraft she discovered memories of her role model, her grandmother, and emotions like fellowship and tranquility, which she now bases her design on.

Wendinskan, "through pillows", rags, textile, up-cycled

Wendin’s patterns and embroideries are inspired by many things in her environment, like music, culture and travels — but also simple things like colors, broken buttons and roses. She describes her embroideries, which are cross-stitched, as stylized images of patterns found in vintage embroidery books. Her passion and philosophy is based on an attempt to update an old tradition, as well as a will to inspire more people not to buy new, but to revalue and reuse the things around them.

Every product made by Wendinskan is unique and is created from reused materials using truly small-scale and environmentally-friendly production methods. ”More and more people actively chose the personal and unique; things that give their homes a sense of identity,” says Wendin. She sells her work via her webpage and happily creates bespoke items for weddings, christenings, and other events.

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