Baled is an amazing new series of photographs by Wesley Law that peers behind the scenes at a Goodwill Outlet Store in St. Louis. There, Law found a treasure trove of colorful objects that were left over at Goodwill stores around the country that had been formed into large bales of clothes and other goods. In the course of photographing the 5-foot by 7-foot bales, Law started investigating what each bale of trash was made up of, looking into what stories each one can tell us about ourselves.

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The waste discarded in the US is a very different reality from what people in many other countries experience. Instead of living among our own refuse, we can easily get rid of it, meaning that we are not forced to face the physical reality of how much we waste. The majority of this waste winds up in a landfill or gets shipped off overseas. Law says the same goes for large quantities of clothes donated to nonprofit organizations like Goodwill that are baled and sent away.

+ Wesley Law

Images courtesy of Wesley Law

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