Each year, West Coast Green brings together the largest conference on green innovation for the built environment with leading sustainable businesses and an eclectic group of green technology and exciting design exhibitors. This year’s batch of booths focused mainly on natural building materials and alternative energy, with a few futuristic electric vehicles thrown in. Many of the products are already available, but some, including Armageddon Energy’s solar panels and the Stak Block, are still in the testing stages. Check out all of our fantastic finds after the jump.

west coast green, wcg, san francisco, fort mason, um24

The UM24 foldable electric bicycle, designed by ELV Motors, can travel at 16mph for 20 miles thanks to a 250 watt pedal assist.

wcg, west coast green, san francisco, stakblock

The Stak Block uses agricultural waste rice straw to produce an insulated, strong, and easy to assemble building material.

coor italia, terra cotta, sf, west coast green

Instead of manufacturing new materials for its roof tiles, doors, and windows, CoorItalia uses reclaimed products, such as these reclaimed Italian roof tiles.

armageddon energy, solar, solar power, wcg

Armageddon Energy‘s yet-to-be-released Solar Clover is almost roof-ready right out of the box, with panels that can easily be connected through a series of tabs and slots.

design ecology, wcg, san francisco, west coast green

Design Ecology brought its expertise in native and edible landscapes to the conference, which had landscape architecture demonstrations sprinkled throughout.

imiev, pg&e, wcg, san francisco

PG&E brought a demonstration model of the Mitsubishi i MiEV, a plug-in electric vehicle scheduled to be released next year.

corniche, wcg, west coast green, sf

Corniche Carpets Mills manufactures biodegradable carpets made with sustainable raw materials like jute and latex.

live roof, wcg, west coast green, sf

LiveRoof‘s modular green roof system arrives fully grown at its destination.

green ray, lamp, wcg, west coast green

Green Ray‘s tendril-like lamp is powered completely by LED lights.

rain tube, wcg, west coast green, sf

The RainTube gutter protection system collects water at a rate of over 100 inches per hour.

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