Dear Readers-

You may have noticed we’ve been m.i.a all weekend… This is because we’ve been in the process of switching our software to WordPress. I’m happy to announce that we have made the transition relatively unscathed, and we are going to be blogging bigger and better than ever in no time. You may notice that many of our images didn’t make it through the transition, sadly, so we are having to go through and manually update the images in all of our archived posts one by one. Please be patient with us while this image upload happens.

On the bright side of things, comments are finally working again, so please comment away!

Hope you enjoy the new software, and please feel free to tell us about any glitches, concerns, or things you like about the new software…

I would also like to personally apologize to everyone who’s written in whom I haven’t responded to. I’ve been pretty overwhelmed with recent technical difficulties and have been neglecting my inbox. If you’ve written to me and I haven’t responded, please try emailing me again after this. I promise I will get back to you.