The ubiquitous incandescent light bulb has come a long way since its invention 130 years ago, and as we all swap out our old bulbs for energy-efficient LEDs and such, there are countless old glass incandescents floating around. Some people use them for mini terrariums, or holiday tree decorations, but artist Tim Fishlock used them to create a memorial art piece entitled What Watt? This dazzling chandelier speaks to the transition away from the widespread use of old school bulbs towards greener, more sustainable alternatives. Talk about a bright idea!

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These sparkling chandeliers aren’t just gorgeous to look at—they also send a message to both the unknowing energy-eater and the conscientious energy-preservationist. Constructed using 1,243 suspended retired bulbs and illuminated at the center by a single low-energy fluorescent bulb, each chandelier is a truly stunning example of eco-art. “It is a memorial and celebration of the humble incandescent bulb” says Fishlock, who hopes for the eventual complete replacement of all forms of incandescent lighting for more energy-efficient methods.

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