Years and years later into the future, what will homes look like? What would a home look like for people living on Mars? GoodMove and CK Architectural have teamed up to answer these questions.

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Four different scenarios were considered paired with four different home designs that could become a reality in the not-so-distant future. Using 3D design techniques and years of experience in housing and home design, it’s possible to look into the future and find out how humans might be living decades from now.

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“It’s inevitable that our homes are going to adapt and change along with our needs and lifestyles,” said Nima Ghasri, director at GoodMove. “Therefore, we thought it might be interesting to visualize some possibilities and showcase how our homes might look like depending on various future scenarios ranging all the way from an apocalyptic bunker to living on an entirely different planet.”

Apocalyptic home

If the movies have taught us anything, it’s that apocalyptic fallout is absolutely possible. And if movies have taught us anything, it’s going to involve a whole lot of rubble. And walking. Walking everywhere. But what about the housing in such end times?

The home would likely be underground, which makes lighting the home a bit of a challenge. Hatch-style windows and domes are one solution. External vents and tubes will also be used to provide airflow inside the home. Mirrors could be strategically placed to direct and increase the light in the home.

Life on Mars

How about living on Mars? In this scenario, part of the home would be underground to protect people inside from the harsh alien environment. Bubble domes will add layers around the home and offer protection. Solar panels outside will provide electricity, while farms inside the domes will provide food. Everything would be made with heavy-duty plastic or glass and titanium.

Living on water

And in a situation where water is taking over the world in an uncontrollable way, homes will be made with glass or plastic that can hold up pressure and deep water. A dome shape will withstand the pressures of water.

Hover home

Forget about flying cars. How about a home that hovers in the future? Imagine a drone, but bigger. Giant propellers create airflow to keep the home aloft. And that’s already a super cool design feature. Now imagine sleek good looks and futuristic styling. This is what the future might look like.

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Images via GoodMove and CK Architectural