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The corn was planted in early June and cultivated on a farmstead close to Milan, and was moved into the centre of the city a few nights ago, giving the impression that a huge field of corn had sprouted from the earth overnight. The installation measure 360 square metres across the Expo Gate square, and it will continue to grow and mature over the entire month of August. There are areas within the installation for performances and cultivation of different vegetables, and at the end of August, the field will be divided into small sections and distributed to local schools, parks, and other public areas.

This installation comes to fruition just as Milan prepares for their Expo 2015 event, which revolves around a theme that everyone can get excited about: “Nourishing Man and the Planet”. Choosing corn as the central crop reflects on one of the upcoming Expo’s themes: “Cereals and Tubers – Old and New Crops”, which touches upon the basic foods that nourish the world’s population. In addition to adhering to this idea, a field of corn also creates a powerful visual impact with its lush leaves and abundant growth.

+ A4A Architects

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