Don’t adjust your color balance, because that cat is actually green. The people of Varna, Bulgaria have been mystified by an oddly-hued cat that’s been strolling around the neighborhood, but the mystery of the emerald feline has finally been solved. The cat has been sleeping on a pile of powdered paint cans, taking on more of the bright color every time it takes a nap.

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At first, the people of Varna thought perhaps they had a vandal who was secretly painting the poor cat. They even set up a Facebook page to help track and catch the mad painter, but a little bit of research revealed that the color is actually coming from paint powder at a local garage.

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No one knows if the paint is having negative health consequences for the cat since no one can get close enough to check. Apparently the feline’s friend isn’t green with envy, however, since its companion doesn’t seem to have gone near the paint.

Via Daily Mail and BoingBoing

Images/Video via Rex