Sustainability is a lot more than a trendy buzzword. Many companies are embracing sustainable options that will ultimately improve the health of the world and, quite possibly, change the way that all companies operate. Premium cocktails maker buzzbox recently revamped their product line to make everything more sustainable, more natural and more eco-friendly than ever.

Buzzbox alcohol drinks in a blue cooler against a blue background

Every cocktail from buzzbox has a new packaging with a resealable plastic screw cap that replaces the plastic straw. The cocktails are all made with all-natural ingredients already, not to mention a whole range of flavors. The product lineup includes small batch rum, premium tequila and American whiskey cocktails.

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A woman wearing a straw hat with cool summer drinks next to her

Furthermore, the cap is made with plant-based materials, a plastic made with sugar cane. While the rest of the packaging is a simple drink carton that is completely recyclable.

Orange-pink drinks in a yellow cooler against an orange background

“We are always pushing for more as our customers demand sustainable solutions. As next-generation solutions become available, we will continue to innovate to offer our consumers and trade partners the best quality ready-to-drink cocktails possible in lightweight, recyclable packages made from renewable materials,” said buzzbox Founder and CEO Rod Vandenbos.

Two cups of clear alcohol with slivers of lime

A new tequila cocktail has also been unveiled by buzzbox. It’s made with grapefruit and lime juice sourced from California. The cocktails buzzbox sells are gluten-free, preservative-free, certified kosher and they’re vegan! There’s a ton of different cocktails to try, too, including some cocktail classics.

A man holding a brown alcohol in a cup

This is how you can sell premium cocktails without using plastic or contributing to the world’s environmental problems using all-natural ingredients. If you’re going to drink, drink responsibly, but also, why not do it while sipping on something all-natural inside recyclable packaging?

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