Fairy tales do come true and yes, they can happen to you – for just a mere $925,000. This dreamy Snow White cottage is a four bedroom, 4.5 bath home located in Olalla, Washington that has recently been put on the market. Although the whimsical home was, of course, inspired by the beloved fairytale princess, no word on whether it comes with seven dwarf roommates.

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The 2,800-square-feet cottage was built in 1982 and includes a number of custom amenities. The unique curvaceous design is complimented by hand-crafted doors with detailed iron work through the home. The interior is full of hand-carved wooden beams, stained glass windows, and even “magical cave”- like walls.

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Snow White Cottage

The home has been on the market for just over 200 days and is being marketed as a great space for a B&B or wedding venue. A strong selling point is the home’s 7.52 acre lot, which is surrounded by sculpted gardens and lush greenery, perfect for getting lost and taking a nap. Or not.

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