If you are looking to transform your room with a sustainably sourced statement piece, then the Grandelier lamp may just be the artful bit of decor you’ve been searching for! Australian graphic designer Loz Abberton of Who Did That? is the creative luminary behind the incredible Grandelier. Working out of her solar powered studio located far out on the Carlton Bluff in southern Tasmania, Australia, Abberton’s draws inspiration from her surroundings, dreaming up her “flora friendly” designs in a distinctly graphic way.

Who Did That, Grandelier, sustainable lighting design, chain of custody veneer, carbonised bamboo

Available in two styles, ‘The Baroque’ and ‘The Bloom’, the lights are versatile enough to either be hung from your ceiling, or turned over and displayed on a floor or table. And the choice doesn’t stop there – the Grandelier lamps are also available in a range of sizes, and made from a variety of chain of custody veneers and carbonized bamboo.

Easy to transport, each piece is flat packed for shipment to anywhere around the world. Whether displayed in the Apple Isle, Tasmania or the Big Apple, New York, the Grandelier will be a surefire standout!

+ Who Did That?