There’s no point in crying over spilt milk, especially when those empty plastic containers can be recycled and turned into beautiful pieces of art. Well settled at home, or equally suited to hit the streets as daring green guerilla art, Anna Garforth’s Head Gardners are turning milk lovers and city dwellers up on their heads.

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Garforth’sHead Garders are a personal take on tribal art and totems, but with mass appeal coming in a kaleidescope of colors and playful expressions. By adding a little “wildlife” to the city, Garfoth is using nature to shake up what can easily become in the urban mind’s eye a stoic and standardized mode of existence in an unchanging environment. Carefully re-crafted from used plastic milk cartons, and transformed into eco-friendly painted figures bearing bright colors and an offering of refreshing plant life, one would be hard pressed not to find themselves filled with feelings of elation and vivacity with one glance.

Based in London, Anna Garforth is an artist, illustrator and self proclaimed “green graffiti artist extraordinaire.” Her work is wholly focused on bringing forth nature in the most unlikely places for public delight.

+ Anna Garforth/Abe