The Wildlife Conservation Society has just released a tragic video which captures the audio of an elephant being shot and killed by ivory poachers in Central Africa. The chilling sounds were captured on recording instruments that were placed in the field by scientists from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Elephant Listening Project. The project is designed to study low frequency communication between elephants, but instead captured the horrific sounds of an elephant falling to its death after poachers shot it multiple times.

The recording was taken in Gabon, in a partnership between scientists at Cornell and Gabon’s National Park Agency. The recording devices are left in the field, then retrieved and analyzed later. Researchers were shocked and saddened to come across this tragic audio of the shooting death of one of the elephants they were studying.

The audio is being released along with a video to bring awareness to the severity of elephant poaching in parts of Africa. Accompanying the low frequency sounds of gun shots followed by the elephant’s shrieks of despair is text outlining details and statistics of elephant poaching. The text also shows a counter that shows how 35,000 elephants were killed in Africa in 2012 alone; this breaks down to 96 elephants killed every day.

The Wildlife Conservation Society hopes to raise awareness of the problem of elephant poaching by offering up just one small piece of the tragic reality.

+ World Conservation Society’s 96 Elephants Campaign

Via Phys Org

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