Shopping this holiday season for the millionaire who has everything? Perhaps they would enjoy a little slice of paradise in the Ohana Sanctuary on Hawaii’s Big Island. The 3,127 acre plot features the third largest forest of privately-owned old-growth koa trees on earth, and it’s available for only $22 million.

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According to Beverly Molfino of Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers, the Ohana Sactuary is being put up for sale by an east coast family wishing to pursue other projects. The property covers nearly five square miles of land, and is home to over 50,000 trees, including eucalyptus, mamane, hapu’u, ohia, and the rare koa. The koa tree endemic to Hawaii is known for its incredible strength and gorgeous godlen-red color. Most koa have been subject to heavy logging and feral cattle, and cutting the trees on pubic land is prohibited.

Molfino told Big Island Video News that the ancient forest was best suited for those with plans to harvest timber or for preservation work. Otherwise, power from the numerous waterfalls in the sanctuary have the potential for hydroelectric development. There is an estimated 16.5 million board feet of koa that after an initial harvest of 6.5 million board feet could produce a yield of 6 to 8 percent each year, but harvesting koa on private land is considered a sin by locals. Since the area has a great potential to remain living as one of the last remaining native ecosystems throughout the islands, it is hoped that the new owner has a green agenda in mind.

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Lead image via Big Island Video News, rest via Beverly Molfino and Wikicomons user Forest & Kim Starr