With Tesla Roadsters already on the road and Americans poised to place their Nissan Leaf orders tomorrow, Coda Automotive is claiming that its electric sedan will hit the market within months — and that it will trounce the Leaf’s performance for a price difference of just a couple thousand dollars. Coda claims that its new EV will have an effective driving range that extends 40 percent further than the Leaf.

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Nissan’s EV attains a 100-mile range on the LA4 driving test, while the Coda Sedan gets 120-130 miles. What’s more, Coda CEO Kevin Czinger claims that the Leaf has an inadequate climate-control system for its battery that could bring its range down to just 40 miles in high or low temperatures — which would make for some very unhappy drivers. You might dismiss Czinger’s criticism as so much (ahem) hot air, but Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said the same thing.

Coda expects to sell 7,000 vehicles to individuals and 7,000 to fleets — all in the fair state of California.

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