Comparing the contrasting visions of sustainable farming and industrial production, this brilliant stop-motion animation, Back to the Start, shows the beauty of sustainability. The pro-local film was commission by Mexican food restaurant chain, Chipotle, and created by the London-based animator John Kelly. The film is set to a beautiful Coldplay cover by country music great, Willie Nelson.

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Following a farmer and his bright and green family farm, the animation shows his shift to a factory farm, boxing up his animals into factories in the midst of a dreary grey landscape. Realizing the error of his choice he undoes the industrial constructions and restores the farm to its former idyll.

In support of The Chipotle Cultivate Foundation, providing funding for sustainable agriculture, the track “The Scientist”, is downloadable on iTunes.

+ Back to the Start

+ The Chipotle Cultivate Foundation

Via LaughingSquid

Images courtesy of John Kelly