In the last three months, Spain has quickly risen as a leader in renewable energy, having produced more electricity via wind farms than any other source! The Spanish Wind Energy Association announced that in January alone, Spanish wind farms produced six terawatt-hours of electricity – which is a sizable contribution to the 25 percent of Spain’s energy that is generated from renewable sources.

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Spain has vowed to derive 40 percent of its electric power from renewable energy sources by 2020, and already has renewable systems in place that produce around 25 percent of their energy. The recent excellence in wind energy only helps push this pledge along even more quickly, proving that wind farms are not only a cleaner and greener choice, but also extremely productive for the country’s needs.

The European nation turned to wind power as a way to reduce their own carbon emissions. The renewable source has proven that it can be effective, and rise above traditionally dirty power sources like coal-burning power stations and nuclear energy, which accounts for some of the country’s energy source.

The renewable success has inspired other countries as well. Germany, already a renewable leader, has announced it will install between 3GW – 3.5GW more wind farm systems this year through developer BWE, adding themselves into the running for the next wind energy record breaker.

Via The Guardian

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