Perusing Designboom this morning we saw this super rad wind-powered knitting machine by Merel Karhof. We had to share this amazing device that beautifully knits tubes using only wind power! The idea initially came to Karhof as she walked by cul de sacs and noticed a consistent breeze flowing outwards. She decided then that she would come up with way to harvest that free energy source and put it to good use. The result – the “Wind Knitting Factory”.

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Showcased first at the Hotel RCA exhibition, hosted by royal college of art during Milan Design Week, the Wind Knitting Factory is a 1.2 meter diameter handmade wind mill attached to a loom mechanism. As the wind blows, it spins the loom and knits a scarftube!

Obviously the stronger the wind is blowing, the faster a scarf can be knit. Each scarf is 2 meters long and is labeled with the day it was made and how long it took to the wind to knit it. Totally powered by free renewable energy without any human power, these amazing little scarves are perfect for wearing on a windy day too!

Via Designboom

Images courtesy of Designboom and Merel Karhof