Any maintenance worker will tell you that there are definitely no shortage of ways to get up and down a wind turbine, but they generally don’t involve hurling yourself off the top of the structure. However, this is exactly what a bunch of adrenaline junkies are doing in the latest extreme sport making us gasp in awe: wind turbine base jumping!

wind turbines, wind turbine base jumping, extreme sports, green extreme sports, extreme sports wind turbine base jumpingFor those of you that don’t know, base jumping is parachuting off a fixed point such as a mountain or cliff top. However, there is now a whole new league of jumpers who’ve opted for wind turbines instead. With more and more turbines going up around the world, there is every chance this “sport” could soon grow in popularity.

Of course there are a number of safety hazards that spring to mind – namely the massive turbine blades and the possibility of slamming into the ground at a rapid speed – but if you’re not deterred by this threat, click here to watch a wind turbine base jumper in action!

via Climate Crooks