The WindMade label, which was just announced today, will be a new way for you to see whether or not the products you’re buying were manufactured using wind energy. The initiative has been supported by a host of wind power groups and companies — including the Danish wind company Vestas — and hopes to help make products that are powered with green energy more attractive to consumers.

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Photo by Dirk Ingo Franke

Electricity generated from renewable sources is still more costly than less eco-friendly sources like coal and natural gas, therefore making products that are powered by green a bit more expensive. The backers behind the “WindMade” label hope to create a demand for products made with wind power by slapping evidence right on their packaging.

Though the exact process has not been announced it has been noted that a series of checks and tests will be involved to make sure that the products that display this logo are actually being created with wind power — greenwashers beware, this label won’t be easy to fake. “We hope that this will create a strong element of consumer pull, which will accelerate the pace of wind energy development globally,” said Ditlev Engel, Vestas chief executive.

Via Reuters

Lead image by Dirk Ingo Franke