We’ve been fans of Window Farm‘s edible gardens for long while, and just in time for the holiday season the team has evolved their fantastic gardening systems to create a brand new stand-up version of their original microfarms. These mini-gardens can hang in columns or stand on the sill, allowing you to grow fresh vegetables, herbs, and leafy treats in practically any space.

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Britta Riley‘s vertical hydroponic Window Farm systems are a boon for space-starved urban dwellers looking to start their own garden. In their latest form the gardens are made from environmentally-friendly plastic and wire. The Window Farm team is featuring special offers through their Kickstarter page, and they even offer a varied selection of seedlings (at an extra cost) which can be shipped to your door. For those of us with a drive for self-sufficiency and a lack of outdoor space, Window Farms are a great gardening option.

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