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Set in an idyllic landscape of gorgeous national parks, Downley House was erected using the ruins of an old stoned-house. The client wanted a relaxing yet playful environment with good use of natural textures and locally sourced materials. Organic shapes and natural local materials like Purbeck Stone, Wealden Sandstone and oak cladding can be enjoyed from the inside and outside of the property.

The internal circulation flows along the walls through the stairs, with a view to the old stony wall that could be enjoyed from the dinning area. The curved barrel vault was made from a low-carbon Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT), covered with energy-saving insulation and beautiful standing wooden best seen from the inside. Downley House gets its underground heating thanks to a pump located beneath the wild flower meadow and green roofs welcome local wildlife while helping it blending with the gorgeous natural surroundings.

+ Birds Portchmouth Russum Architect

Via World Architecture News