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Wing loft, Hong Kong, green renovation, industrial warehouse, derelict warehouse, natural light, performance space, event space, LEAD

Located on the top of a large waterfront industrial complex in Hong Kong, WING includes a number of spaces meant to be used for contemporary dance, exhibitions, performances and events. It consists of two areas that both open up onto a large terrace overlooking the city. The left wing houses the kitchen, bar and a large performance area, while the right wing is dominated by a ten-meter long, foldable wooden artwork that functions as a lantern-like partition. The third space comprises a performance stage with green spaces.

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Through the use of sliding walls and partitions allow for a flexible subdivision of spaces. The darkest corner is occupied by the stage with built-in lighting and adjacent storage. It opens up to a backstage area which can also be used as a lounge or meeting space.  With its relatively secluded and unexpected location, atop a derelict industrial warehouse, WING will provide an alternative space meant to reshape the cultural landscape of the city.

+ LEED-Laboratory for Explorative Architecture & Design

Photos by Dennis Lo Designs