The winners were recently chosen for the Oregon Manifest Constructor’s Design Challenge, a competition to design and build the ultimate modern utility bike. Tony Pereira of Pereira Cycles (pictured above) took home Best of Show for an electrically-assisted bike that introduced some features people are accustomed to in cars in order to get them onto bikes like a stereo, locking storage, and stable loading. Read on to see the other winners!

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Second place went to Rob Tsunehiro of Tsunehiro Cyles and Silas Beebe of ID+, who brought a bike with an easily attachable/removable seat, cargo straps for simple storage, retro-reflective paint to make the entire frame visible at night, and an elegant u-lock integrated into the front rack support tubes. They also collaborated with Blaq Bags to create a unique pannier with electro-luminescent strips sewn in for rear night visibility. Other winning designs included a theft-proof strutless fender bike, a bike practical for campus life from University of Oregon students, and more. Check out all the top bikes in our photo gallery below.

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