Wireless electric car charging, the technology many said was too inefficient or impractical to be a success, now appears to be a top priority for many automakers and electronics suppliers. We recently told you how Daimler was testing an inductive charging system for the next-generation Mercedes E-Cell vehicle, and we already know Nissan is working on a system for the 2014 LEAF as well as quick-charging systems that can power your house in reverse. Now we’ve discovered that Evatran is making hubcap-sized wireless charging systems for both the LEAF and the Chevy Volt that should be available through Sears next year. And there’s more.

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The Rolls-Royce 102 EX Phantom is already being designed with a wireless charging system from HaloIPT, and rumor is that Infiniti’s luxury version of the LEAF will have a wireless inductive charging system available as an add-on next year. Delphi and WiTricity also have a system under development that could charge all the electronic devices in your home wirelessly, including your vehicle, and General Electric’s wall-mounted WattStation is already available on Amazon for just over $1,000. Evatran’s system is expected to cost a somewhat hefty $2,500 before installation, and the industry still needs to set standards on safety and essentially pick a winning technology before this technology hits the mainstream. But you may not have to wait very long to charge your vehicle simply by parking it. A wireless electric future appears to be just around the corner.

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