If a new partnership between Delphi Automotive and WiTricity works out, electric vehicle owners may soon be able to charge their cars simply by pulling up to a parking spot. Delphi and WiTricity are coming together to create a new type of wireless electric vehicle (EV) charging station that takes the “plug-in” out of “plug-in hybrid electric”. All drivers will have to do is pull up over the charging station and walk away.

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This is groundbreaking technology that could enable automotive manufacturers to integrate wireless charging directly into the design of their hybrid and electric vehicles,” said Randy Sumner, director of global hybrid vehicle development at Delphi, a company that specializes in automotive electronics. Their system involves no cables or cords — it’s embedded in a parking lot or placed on a garage floor, and after drivers park over the system it transmits energy wirelessly to their vehicle to charge it.

The folks at WiTricity, a company that focuses on wireless charging technology, say they can already transfer 3,000 watts wirelessly with their current system — about the same amount as a standard plug-included EV charging system. “Charging an electric car should be as easy as parking it in your garage or parking spot,” said WiTricity CEO Eric Giler. We agree with his ideas of simplicity but have a few reservations. We’re curious as to what the impact on the human body would be with all that electricity running around in the air. Those dangers remain to be seen, but for now, this looks like a great next step in charging technology.

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