WIS Design‘s Decades chest of drawers stopped us dead in our tracks at Salone Satellite. Dramatically positioned before a hot pink background, its combination of drawers were selectively rescued from local Stockholm flea markets. “Decades” was first launched at last year’s Casa Cor exhibition in Stockholm, where WIS Design are based and have a showroom. This is the first time the products have been shown at an international exhibition such as Salone Satellite and the debut made some seriously sustainable waves throughout Milan.

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The Vanity Easy Chair is Decades‘s sister product. Adorned with loose leather scales made from old ‘out of style’ jackets. The varying ages and qualities of the material invite you to sit, lie, read and remember. Made from carefully selected and locally sourced elements WIS Design‘s collection echoes fashion’s flirt with mixing the vintage aesthetic with sharp modern lines.

Behind WIS design are Lisa Widén and Anna Irinarchos. They work on self initiated projects and commissioned work in furniture, graphic, product and interior design and are currently taking orders directly. When Inhabitat spoke to WIS Design in Milan, they told us how they had been so inspired by such positive feedback on their product, that they are going to start investigating alternative, more sustainable materials to replace the MDF frame.

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