Although some people might be under the impression that tiny homes don’t have enough space for a family, one savvy, space-efficient design is proving otherwise. Designed and built by New Zealand-based Build Tiny, the Dance Tiny House was custom designed to be a durable family home that boasts beautiful and child-proof interiors.

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glass doors opening to gray tiny home

Clad in very practical gray vinyl siding, the tiny home on wheels is durable yet lightweight enough to be towed easily. Double-glazed aluminum windows and quality insulation allow for a tight thermal envelope, reducing energy costs as well as maintaining a comfortable interior temperature.

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white interior of tiny home with wood ladder leading to loft

aerial view of sleeping loft above a minimalist living space

Inside, the space is bright and open with a minimalist interior design that manages to avoid clutter. All-white plywood walls and honey-toned wood flooring, along with an abundance of natural light, gives the home a fresh, modern feel.

loft above white kitchen

white kitchen with green backsplash

A compact, open-plan living room with a small sofa and chair make up the social area of the home. To the left of the entrance is the kitchen with full-sized appliances. Although small, the cooking area includes ample counter space thanks to an ingenious rolling butcher block extension. Most of the home’s furnishings, including the counters, feature curved edges to ensure optimal safety for little ones.

bedroom with two large windows and tall wood wardrobe

view from sleeping loft with railing

The far end of the residence houses the bathroom, which has a shower and plenty of storage space. The home’s dual sleeping lofts are accessible via a staircase in the kitchen, with the steps pulling double duty as storage in the form of pull-out drawers and cubbies.

single bed in a corner with large horizontal window

shelving in tiny bathroom

At the top, the master bedroom has plenty of room for a queen-sized bed and also includes a full-height closet and built-in storage. Connected by a narrow hallway, the children’s room is located on the opposite side. With plenty of space for a single or double bed, there is also room for play or study. The entire loft is made child-proof thanks to a gate and a metal safety barrier.

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light gray tiny home