Modernism takes to the seas with this beautiful wood-wrapped houseboat by German architects Rost Niderehe. Seafaring homes have proven their viability through the years, and entire neighborhoods of coastal cities have sprouted up. This compact modern home combines prefab construction with an adaptable design to showcase the great potential of floating housing.

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The 110 square-meter home is located on the Eilbek-canal in Hamburg next to a few great looking neighbors. The architects endeavored to make a comfortable home with all the amenities that does not have the land needs of a typical building. Inside is a generous living quarters that speaks less to its nautical underpinnings than to contemporary living. A steel wall system and wood and slate-wrapped skin completes the cutting-edge design. The idea of adaptable housing and maximizing land-use are very appealing notions for sustainable urban growth.

+ Rost Niderehe Architeture

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