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Woodcube, Hamburg, carbon-neutral building, green building, Wilhelmsburg

The Woodcube was made for the International Building Exhibition, which Hamburg is hosting this year on the island of Wilhelmsburg. The event, which showcases a wide variety of innovative green building techniques, runs through November 3, 2013. The Woodcube is one of the “Smart Material Houses” on display at the exhibition, and it shows how one of the most traditional building materials — solid wood — can be used to produce extremely energy-efficient, low-impact buildings. Because the wood used to construct the building was not treated with chemicals, all of the wood will be able to be reused, which will save an estimated 8,500 tons of carbon.

It took just five weeks to construct the Woodcube, and it was completed in late May. The building contains eight apartments, which feature warm wood interiors. According to TreeHugger, Matthias Korff, one of the building’s designers, is living in one of the eight apartments with his family. All of the energy used to power the building comes from renewable sources, so both the construction and the operation of the building will be completely carbon-neutral.

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