These gorgeous pieces of FSC certified wooden furniture were created by German design company Woodloops. Founded in 2003 by product designer/carpenter René Mueller and forester Nina Griesshammer, Woodloops strives to “covey our original views to common behaviors, weaving known circumstances into new and curious concepts”. We love the way their furnishings celebrate the integrity of raw materials, showcasing the wood grain and unique features of each piece.

For the past five years Woodloops has been working on environmental projects, at exhibitions and product launches. They are a member of the German Forest Stewardship Council, and their work is governed by a strong sustainable ethos. Woodloops specially selects certified timbers for their distinctive age markings and warm colors, and each piece is finished with natural oil and wax. They showcased their beautifully crafted sustainable furniture at TENT London during this year’s London Design Festival.

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