Woolly Pockets is bringing the Garden of Eden indoors with their incredible planters for your walls and floors. These breathable little pockets of green are composed of 60% recycled plastic bottles and are made entirely in the USA. With containers costing anywhere from $29 for the Wee Woolly all the way to $247 for an entire Woolly Meadow, these little pockets ensure everyone can have their own little piece of green within reach in a container that keeps plants healthier than your average pot.

Woolly Pockets were featured throughout Dwell on Design this weekend in a variety of applications. The pocket gardens are durable enough for outdoor applications, but are equally fantastic indoors. Herb gardens were found in the outdoor section alongside vertical applications that climbed the walls of Dwell’s Modern Shed. A variety of indoor applications were seen within their exhibitor space on the floor along with their sultry PR materials. Woolly Pockets are a great way to create your own Garden of Eden, or at least inspire you to bring a little more green into your life.

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